Our exclusive lead generation results in a match between your company and carefully selected qualified candidates.

We are specialized in international matching for Canadian companies that want to do business in Europe.

It is hard to find new clients

Every day you're busy running your own company. Which means there is barely enough time left for networking, making improvements to your business's LinkedIn page or finding new customers. There is just no way you'll be able to add that into your daily routine. Unfortunately the amount of money that needs to come into your business account every day seems to diminish. And that worries you. Are you able to make payroll this month?

Can you handle the pressure and the responsibility?
You need to increase profits .... but how?

You can grow your business by finding your perfect match.

It is extremely important as an entrepreneur you keep doing what you really like to do. Qualified leads can increase the amount of orders coming in and as a result of that  ... more revenue and profit. This ensures the continuity of your business. Your company is doing better, your employees are more positive and your business's future is bright again.

What makes Find My Leads unique?

For us, finding the perfect lead is like finding your perfect date. In the end, only a few candidates will meet the requirements of the ideal business profile we set together. No frustration because of all the "cold" leads that need to be qualified and contacted.
We will do all that work for you, we find your perfect match and setup a business appointment with the decision maker of the selected company.

Linkedin Marketing

Reach your ideal customers on the world’s largest professional network. Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness. Let us help you attract followers and build brand awareness by posting content on a free Company Page. Marketing on LinkedIn helps you engage a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your business.

Social Selling - Brand Awareness & ICO Marketing Research

Benefit 1

We only match your company with qualitative, not with quantitative leads

Benefit 2

By determining what the ideal client profile is we only match you with suitable candidates

Benefit 3

The feasibility study will determine whether the perfect lead exists in the industry you're in

Benefit 4

You save money because you don't need to do the follow up yourself

Benefit 5

You will be brought in contact with the right person within the matched company

Benefit 6

You will be able to keep on doing what you are good at and let your company grow

          Tell us what your perfect match looks like.

                                 Schedule a consultation now. Let us know what you are looking for and let your business grow.

Satisfied customers

Some of our clients are happy to share with you why they contacted Find My Leads themselves to let their business grow.

“ All of a sudden our company was thriving again after Find My Leads brought us in contact with the right partner. ”

Michelle van Daalen, Accountant

“ Our company knows all there is to know about ship engines but we needed Find My Leads to get in touch with new clients.”

Marc McMullin, International Sales

The 3 steps to success

Find My Leads will bring you in contact with new customers and lets your business grow .


Step 1

Tell us who you are looking for


Step 2

We draft up the ideal profile


Step 3

We find your perfect match

The New Trade Agreement

Doing business in Europe will bring benefits for businesses and people in Canada

The European Parlement voted in favor of the content and general strategy of CETA, The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada.

The CETA is an opportunity to shape globalisation together and influence the setting of global trade rules between the EU and Canada. It will increase two-way trade in goods and services, helping to create jobs and grow the economy on both sides of the Atlantic.

CETA will be fully implemented once the parliaments in all EU member states ratify the deal.

The EU is an important trading partner for Canada . If you want to grow your business or looking for a business partner in the EU, please contact us.

Find My Leads is your Business Matchmaker

Our philosophy is that lead generation is just like dating.

Because just like when you go on a first date, it is important that your company looks a million dollars.

That is the reason why we put so much effort in determining what the ideal profile is. The ideal profile for your company but also the ideal profile of your new client or customer. Before the search starts, we need to know exactly what or who we are looking for. This is also extremely important if you want to do business outside of your own country and a lot depends on it.

Our goal is to only bring you in contact with the company or customer you have the most in common with. Nothing is more annoying if you show up for the appointment and find out it is a total mismatch.

In the end we match people with people. It doesn't matter in what form, whether you are looking for a business partner, an acquisition partner or just new clients, there has to be a match. A match in which both parties can reinforce each other and eventually have a happy, stable relationship and a successful cooperation.

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